Hello From Fear Fest!

Fear Fest Rules!Because I know you guys are dying without our regularly scheduled updates, just wanted to let you all know how the 2nd annual Fear Fest is going so far…

The wife and I got into Dallas on Thursday night, just barely missing a shit ton of flight cancellations into the city because the airport got, get this, 3 inches of snow. If that. Everyone who was coming from the West Coast were delayed, celebrities included, and needless to say there was a good amount of freaking out done. Thankfully the show itself wasn’t scheduled to start till Saturday, so no one was going to be missed immediately.

Finally Friday comes, slowly more and more people and vendors showed up, and before we knew it everyone was involved in some crisis or another. Thankfully John Gray’s crews from Pit of Horror are all really cool and easy to deal with so we worked together very well. Crisises were averted, celebs showed up, and the first screening of the night, Nightmare on Elm Street with intro by Robert Englund, John Saxon, Heather Langenkamp and Ronee Blakley went off without a hitch. And attendees got the first glimpse at the next show Pit of Horror is putting on, Fucli Fest! This thing is going to be epic for Fulci fans.

So now it’s Saturday, the line was already forming at 8:30 this morning, which is a damn good sign of a successful show. I have panels to moderate and a rock show to play tonight, so needless to say we’re going to be crazy! Also, everyone who updates the site is here at the show, so updates will be slow to say the least.

Hope you’re reading this from Dallas and we’ll see you at the show! If not, don’t plan on missing the next one; it’s going to be even bigger! And start planning now for Fulci Fest!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Mr. Dark

    After being the world’s biggest dumbass and not only driving to the wrong hotel but telling everyone about the wrong hotel for, oh, six months or so (hey, Westin near a mall off 635, Galleria, right? Yeah, not so much.) we finally got there around 4pm. Only got to meet and greet Nomad and Plagiarize, which was nifty, but we’ll catch the rest of you cats tomorrow when we plan to be there full day.

    Oh, and about the 3-inches comment, as I said on the boards: this is Dallas, three inches is like three feet elsewhere. We just aren’t prepared for it, they cancel school if it’s raining and under 40 degrees the night before, it’s wacky.

    Hope your show went well, sorry we couldn’t stay for it!

    Mr. Dark
    Part-Time Dread Central Gaming Guy
    Full-Time Freelance Smartass

  • PelusaMG

    Hope you all have a GREAT time out there – it sounds like it is going well (finally) and that everyone will enjoy it.

    By the way, no sympathy about the snow… look where I live for Christ’s sake!