Top Seven Alien Abductions in Cinema and on TV

The Fourth Kind
Bad things happen in Alaska, folks. Not to say that it isn't a beautiful part of the world, and we certainly love our Dreadies from the north, but come on, you're ripe for the pickin's up there. Just look how those vamps took the place apart in 30 Days of Night. And then apparently the extra-terrestrials got wind of the goings-on in Alaska, and in The Fourth Kind we saw just what kind of damage they can do. This mockumentary is based completely around alien abduction and the damage and aftermath it caused to one doctor's life. As part of the film was intended to be reenactments and part actual footage of the events, The Fourth Kind manages to conjure up some skin-crawling moments. And that whole owl thing…I’ve never been a fan of those creepy, round-faced bastards anyway.

Ever wonder what happens after an unsuspecting hillbilly gets sucked into an alien spacecraft tractor beam? You wouldn't initially think of Predators as an abduction film, but that's exactly what it is. However, what we get in Predators is what happens to the victims after they’ve been stolen away without a trace. The film received mixed reviews, but you have to admit it’s a great premise. The predators abduct the most skilled and vicious fighters from around the universe to hunt in training exercises. And what a unique cast. Aside from Adrien Brody you had Danny Trejo, Topher Grace (who didn’t appear to fit with the rest of the murderous characters…but surprise, surprise), Laurence Fishburn, Walton Goggins and one of the original UFC fighters, Oleg Taktarov. Nice to see the predators at play, unwinding with their guests.

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