*Updated* The Devils and Oliver Reed Wont Return

Oliver Reed in The Devils(click to see it bigger!)UPDATE: Ever hear the saying “So close, yet so far?” Unfortunately that applies here. As confirmed by Warner Home Video, The Devils will NOT be seeing a DVD release in 2008. Though the door has been left open for a release sometime down the road. Feh.

If there’s one actor I miss as much as Vincent Price, it would have to be Oliver Reed. The man could drink and act and drink … and be damn entertaining. So, you could guess that today’s news really brought a smile to my bloodied face.

DVD Active released the news today that Oliver’s horror/exploitation title The Devils (1971) is finally being released on DVD via Warner Bros. on May 20th! The picture, which was originally rated “X” when first released, was directed by Ken Russell and co-starred Vanessa Redgrave.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing this odd feature, check out the video below for a peek at what’s coming your way.

In order to take over pre-Renaissance France, Cardinal Richelieu and his power-hungry followers will have to eliminate Father Grandier. Grandier controls the one town that keeps Richelieu from having total control of the region. The plan is to convince the townspeople that Grandier is a warlock and that all of his nuns are possessed by devils. The accusations are heard at a public trial – whose results may surprise you.


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