Fear Fest 2 Full Schedule Live!

Additions and CancellationsWe here at Dread Central and the fine fiends over at Pit of Horror do our best to make sure everything works out perfectly for our upcoming Fear Fest 2, but like conventions of every kind, changes are bound to occur. First let’s start off with the bad news.

2001 Maniacs‘ Tryg Littlefield has cancelled his appearance since he’ll be in the studio recording with his band Fall from Grace at the time of Fear Fest ’08. The only other person who won’t be able to make it, due to a conflicting schedule, is Nick Mennell who played Bob Simms in Rob Zombie’s Halloween. Now for the kickass news…

There are plenty of new additions to make up for the loss though! Lin Shaye of A Nightmare on Elm Street & 2001 Maniacs, Julie Carmen (Fright Night 2), Axelle Marshall (Doomsday FX), Natalia Baron (Red Velvet) and Kelli Garner (Red Velvet, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) have all been added to the guest list!

To top it all off the remake of April Fool’s Day will be having its world premiere at Fear Fest! Click here to check out the entire schedule of events! We better see you there on March 7th, 8th and 9th!


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  • The Woman In Black

    Love that no panels start before noon — now that’s why Fear Fest is our favorite show!