Exclusive: Bowen Talks House of the Devil!

A.J. Bowen talks House of the Devil!Towards the end of our most recent Dinner for Fiends (“>hear it here), I managed to squeeze some info out of our guest star, A.J. Bowen (pictured, sans beard, from his latest film Maidenhead), about his upcoming role in Ti West’s House of the Devil, a movie he seems very happy to be doing.

”I remember when I was a kid I was told I couldn’t play Dungeons & Dragons because I’d become part of a Satanic cult. I couldn’t watch Unsolved Mysteries cause I’d join a Satanic cult,” Bowen told us. ”Ti [West] wrote a script that plays with the idea of what if that was legit? What if it was real?”

Color me even more intrigued. The film, as he explains it, ”is set in the 80’s, about a babysitter alone in a house which just happens to be home to a really nasty Satanic cult … The guy that I’m playing is unsavory in a very particular way…” He goes on to describe a bit more about his character, but you really need to listen to the podcast to hear it all.

West and Bowen have been friends for a while now so A.J. jumped at the chance to finally work with him, but the icing on the cake? ”The thing that I, as a geek, am most stoked about is that I’m playing the son of Tom Noonan and Mary Woronov!” Noonan, you may recall, played Frankenstein in Fred Dekker’s 1985 masterpiece The Monster Squad and was the horror host in West’s The Roost, to name a few. Woronov was most recently seen in The Devil’s Rejects but is best known for roles in films like Chopping Mall and Night of the Comet. That is a geek dream come true!

Shooting on House of the Devil gets under way the same weekend as Fear Fest, so look for more updates from it soon!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane