Exclusive: First Word on Horrorfest 2008!

Horrorfest 2008 a reality?Wow, I really can’t believe it; After Dark Films is planning on doing a third 8 Films to Die For this year, despite how badly the second edition did at the box office. Maybe this year they’ll really get the promotional push out there instead of relying strictly on horror fans’ word-of-mouth…

This info comes from one Michael Kennedy, a fan of the site whose script for Chasing Fate we last told you about over the summer (““>Horror in Real Time” – June 2007). He dropped us a line yesterday with the news that After Dark is considering producing Chasing Fate to be a part of its 2008 8 Films to Die For lineup. Apparently ADF will only produce one film per year for the fest — the rest are acquisitions — so if it goes through, this could be a pretty big deal for Kennedy.

The story of Chasing Fate has potential to be pretty cool; it’s about four college kids who stop at a convenience story for refreshments on their way home for the weekend, arriving right as a pair of psychos decide to embark on a killing spree. The angle here is that the whole movie is written to take place in real time, a feat that most will argue has never been successfully pulled off in movies. Hey, if nothing else, it can’t possibly be worse than Lake Dead, right? Right!

We’ll keep an eye on how this develops and our ears open for more from After Dark about this year’s fest, so keep it here!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • weetzie13

    I dont think anything could be worse than the pile of flub that was Lake Dead.

  • Necrotard

    Not only should they promote it more, but how about spreading their ground again? The first year rocked and I had a great time. But year two wasn’t being shown anywhere near where I live. My city isn’t that small and the theater was packed. My local theater was really looking forward to year two and even considering starting their own horror weekends because it was so successful. But supposedly they lost money on smaller cities and towns, so they cut way back.

  • mikeken11

    Thanks for posting Johnny. News should be around the corner with a decision.