The Top 11 Movie Serial Killers

John Doe (Seven)
Nearly 10 years before Jigsaw started his murderous masterpiece, Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman played detectives chasing down Kevin Spacey as a serial killer with a very plain name but a very ambitious plan. In Seven Spacey's John Doe made it his business to execute seven unfortunate souls who were guilty of breaking the seven deadly sins: sloth, greed, gluttony... oh, what am I doing? If you're reading this site, you know what the seven deadly sins are. You've probably broken a handful of them yourself. Like Jigsaw, John Doe's intricate pre-planning and execution of that plan were the most impressive parts of the character. And the climax of Seven, John Doe's swan song, is one of the most tense, memorable and shocking you'll find in film.

Dexter Morgan ("Dexter")
Although not found in a movie, there is simply no way Dexter Morgan doesn't make this list. Television's darling serial killer has been enamoring viewing audiences for seven seasons while he and his dark passenger face one adventure after another. All this while Dex still manages to do a bang-up job as a blood spatter expert for Miami Metro. Michael C. Hall is absolutely perfect in the role that, after so many episodes, it seems he was born to play. We've been with Dex through marriage and the birth of his child, seen his mother murdered and watched the spirit of his adopted father guide him through each and every crossroad in his life. Our familiarity with him, and Dexter's charisma and charm, has made him one of the most beloved characters on television. Not to mention the fact that he sets up one helluva kill room.

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I was thinking of things to knitpick...until I saw NATURAL BORN KILLERS.
= Free pass!
Just kidding. Great list. Some day I will finish HENRY. It's one of the "special" ones I save...and then forget to watch! D'oh.

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