Top 11 Sinister Appearances by Hollywood Stars in Horror

Sigourney Weaver – Alien (1979)

The first day that Sigourney shot a scene involving Jones the cat, her skin started reacting badly. Horrified, the young actress immediately thought that she might be allergic to cats and that it would be easier for the production to recast her instead of trying to find four more identical cats. As it transpired, Sigourney was just reacting to glycerine sprayed on her skin to make her look hot and sweaty. Whew!

Daniel Radcliffe – The Woman in Black (2012)

While seeking to protect his son from the dark supernatural depths of Northern England in this Gothic chiller, Daniel Radcliffe opens another father-son relationship for trivia fans here! In the Harry Potter films Daniel plays the son of actor Adrian Rawlins, who had previously played the same role of Arthur Kipps in an earlier version of The Woman in Black in 1989. Like father, like son it would seem!

Top 11 Sinister Appearances by Hollywood Stars in Horror

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Can't wait for MANIAC...It's going to be Amazing! Period.

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