Full P2 Disc Details

P2 DVD!Summit Entertainment just sent out a heads-up about the upcoming DVD release of “>P2 (review), which we gave you the first info on “>last month.

Hitting shelves on April 8th, 2008, the P2 DVD will come complete with a filmmaker commentary as well as three behind-the-scenes featurettes: “A New Level of Fear: The Making of P2”, “Designing Terror” and “Tension Nouveau: Presenting Franck Khalfoun”. The last is, of course, a look at the director of P2.

For those with very short attention spans, P2 is the story of a girl (Rachel Nichols) who gets trapped in the parking garage of her office building on Christmas Eve, pursued by a deranged loner (Wes Bentley). The film was written by Hills Have Eyes redux director Alexandre Aja and partner Gregory Levasseur.

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Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Terminal

    Yeah, hehe, she’s bootyful. She’s not scantily clad at first, but he inevitably dresses her in that skimpy white dress against her will. It’s sweet. I enjoyed this movie a lot. Watching Bentley imitating Presley is a kick.

  • Messiahman

    So this is the one that features Rachel Nichols wandering around scantily clad and wet, eh? Yep, I’ll be watching.

  • Terminal

    Nah, I don’t feel guilty, I actually tell everyone how good it was. But it was delightful B movie fodder, and I enjoyed it.

  • Sirand

    Bentley wins the award for least threatening villain ever. As for the film itself, it was formulaic stuff.

  • The Woman In Black

    No need to feel guilty — I thought it was pretty good too! Nichols kicked major ass, and Bentley was deliciously over the top. I’m looking forward to revisiting it on DVD.

  • Terminal

    This was one of my guilty pleasures of 2007.