The Top 11 Creepiest Kids in Horror

Claudia-Interview with the Vampire
Played by Kirsten Dunst in Interview with the Vampire, Claudia brings an interesting, and brutal, angle to the world of the vamps. Since she was turned while still a child, Claudia is trapped in that tiny body, even as she matures. Her frustration with being imprisoned in the young mortal coil and dressed like a doll becomes evident, and she grows into an extremely vicious bloodsucker, even lashing out and attempting to kill her maker, Lestat. As is the case with many of the impish ne'er-do-wells on this list, Claudia eventually gets her comeuppance, but you can't help but sympathize with her pint-size plight.

Ethan-The Nightmare Before Christmas
Is it just me, or is this guy the creepiest inhabitant of Halloweentown? If you're not exactly sure who Ethan is, he's the pudgy little member of the zombie family with the Jack Sprat-esque mother and father. (You can see him hanging out in the guillotine basket about two minutes into the clip.) Oh, and he just happens to have his eyes sewn shut! Ethan does seem full of the spirit of Halloween and then Christmas (in the twisted way the Halloweentown residents celebrate), always smiling and cheering. But one cannot dispute that simply his look and the fact that he's playing in a basket used for catching decapitated heads (and that his eyes are sewn shut!) make Ethan one of the more disturbing cinematic kids!

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