The Darkness Rises

The Darkness!Remember the title The Darkness that appeared around the XBOX 360’s launch? It sort of disappeared from the radar with the occasional screen capture popping up and a trailer last month, but now we finally have something interesting. Thanks to Plagiarize for sending us the the info and link. has a gameplay video up of The Darkness and it is sweet. While the 360 may be flooded with first person shooters the video game adaption of The Darkness comic adds a new spin on the genre. Jackie Estrada may not seem like much of a man by the light of day but in the dark he’s one hell of a demon wrangler. The more shadows you bring into the room the more powers you are able to use. Jackie can summon up little imps called “Darklings” which can be controlled by the player. If you move into a blacked out area the player will find a few new abilities. Mr. Estrada’s vision will be enhanced and he grows a few powerful tentacles that are ready to whoop some ass.

Hot damn! It’s just too bad we have to wait until next year to see the whole thing. Then again, it is better for somethings not to be rushed out.

Kryten Syxx

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