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Inside DVD artSome good news came down the DVD wire via Fangoria yesterday, so I thought it only fair that we share it with those of you who are so dedicated to Dread Central you can’t even think about hitting other horror sites…

First, the uber-disturbing artwork for Dimension Extreme’s release of Inside (review), the gory thriller that has pretty much anyone who’s seen it singing it’s praises from the mountaintops, has been released to go along with the announcement that it will hit DVD on April 15th.

Directed by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, who used to be attached to the Hellraiser remake before their draft of the script scared off the studio, Inside is the story of a pregnant woman who is terrorized by a psychopath determined to cut the baby from her womb. It will be released unrated, of course, so expect plenty of red stuff come Easter. Click here to pre-order Inside via Evilshop!

Malefique finally comes to DVD!Also on April 15th, the US will finally get a chance to check out Eric (One Missed Call redux) Valette’s claustrophobic Lovecraftian story Malefique (review). This one’s been a long time coming (indeed we discussed it a bit during the latest Dinner for Fiends) and I think you guys are going to dig it. No features will be on the disc other than the trailer but hell, at least you get to see it! Believe me, it’s worlds apart from the piece of shite One Missed Call was. Click here to pre-order Malefique via Evilshop!

Finally, August 19th will see the DVD release of An American Crime, the adaptation of the true story that inspired Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door that stars Ellen (Hard Candy, Juno) Page as a victimized girl locked in her caretaker’s basement. Whether or not the film will get out theatrically remains to be seen, which is a bit odd considering the star power behind it.

Some other announcements are in the Fango story, including DVD art for Mega Snake (review), so be sure to get clicking if you want to see more!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • G.D.

    My understanding was that the Inside directors are still directing Hellraiser but it’s being re-written…am I mistaken in that assumption?