Catch the Clips Before the Grudge

Yesterday I said that I was in some sort of sick remake hell. Guess what?! It has overflowed into today! But there is a small speck of light at the end of this dark domain, and it’s in the form of video clips!

Take your dead bodies over to Bloody Disgusting where they’ve posted four clips from Sony’s The Grudge 2. Say what you want about the first film in the American series, but I am hoping that this second installment will prove more interesting than the original Ju-On 2. Hopefully the Grudge 2 won’t spend half the movie repeating the same damn footage from the first one! Ju-On 2 didn’t even give me a reach-around after that … I feel so dirty.

That is all the more reason I want you to see the croaks and kills this Friday the 13th! Keep hope alive that maybe, just maybe it was done right this time around, or at least someone shows some emotion when confronted with pale ghosts possesing deadly manes of black hair.

Kryten Syxx

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