Screenwriter Talks Giallo, Gothic

Dario Argento is doing Giallo, screenwriters talkImagine it, if you will; you’re a screenwriter, working with a buddy trying to get something, anything, picked up, preferably by someone you respect. Then, suddenly, before you know it, you’re having discussions with both John Carpenter and Dario Argento.

Wet dream material, yes? It was very much a reality (and hopefully not as wet) for Sean Keller and Jim Agnew, whose script L.A. Gothic is set to be Carpenter’s first full-length movie since Ghosts of Mars and who also wrote Giallo, which Argento (pictured) has said he’ll shoot next. Amazing stuff.

Keller recently dropped Fangoria a line to convey their amazment: ”We never dreamed that Dario Argento would read our script, let alone like it enough to want to direct it,” Keller told the mag regarding Giallo, a satirical homage to Italian serial killer films. “It still hasn’t completely sunk in. Dario Argento likes us! How cool is that? And the cast so far is awesome. The fact that it is moving so fast has our heads spinning.”

Needless to say the duo are excited about the prospect of working with not one, but two masters (”These are the guys who made us who we are!” Keller gushed), even if the recent output from both has been … questionable. Hopefully this will mark a true return to form for both directors, for which we will have Keller and Agnew to thank!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane