Mist DVD Specs Revealed

The Mist DVD specs revealed!The Weinstein Company has finally released the specs for the March 25th DVD bow of The Mist (review), one of the best received horror movies in recent memory. Both a two-disc collector’s edition and a single-disc edition will be streeting on the 25th.
The single disc will include the following:

  • Audio commentary by writer/director Frank Darabont
  • Eight deleted scenes with optional commentary
  • “A Conversation With Stephen King and Frank Darabont” featurette
  • Exclusive to the two-disc collector’s edition will be:

  • “When Darkness Came: The Making of The Mist” featurette
  • “Taming the Beast: Shooting Scene 35” featurette
  • “Monsters Among Us: A Look at the Creature FX” featurette
  • “The Horror of It All: The Visual FX of The Mist” featurette
  • “Drew Struzan: Appreciation of an Artist” featurette
  • In keeping with the old-school monster movie motif, on the second disc you will also have the option to watch The Mist in black and white, which was how Darabont toyed with filming it in the first place. Gotta say I’m very happy they have a bit on Struzan, even if it’s likely to only be a quick 5-minute piece. He’s been one of my favorite artists for years but doesn’t get the kind of recognition he deserves by today’s audiences.

    No cover art has been released yet, but rest assured you will know about it when it is! Click here to pre-order The Mist through Evilshop now!

    Johnny Butane

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    Johnny Butane

    • plagiarize

      HD-DVD or Blu-Ray please.

      goddamn weinsteins.

    • gabrielenriquez

      Love the movie, i dont like the ending but i dont hated it like many others.
      I think it was just not needed.

      Im sure that only the One-disc edition is coming out in Mexico, we always get the worst!

    • G.D.

      I hope it’s not just the movie with the colour taken out. I can do that on my own with my TV…

      I hope the picture is affected in some way, whether it be making it look like an aged print or crushing the blacks and upping the contrast or something. Otherwise, seems pointless if it’s JUST a black and white version of the flick.

      Not that it’s going to make a difference, since I’ll be checking out the 2-disc set anyway…

    • PelusaMG

      I can see The Mist working well in black and white… At least it will go some way to disguise the awful CGI in that tentacle attack near the beginning. I can also see those huge beasts at the end looking good in the mist too.

    • Johnny Butane

      Heh, forgot that one… that will be an option, actually.

    • Chainsaw

      I liked this movie, but the Struzan featurette sounds like it’s already worth the price of the second disc.

      Now if only they’d include the option of watching the movie in black and white as an easter egg, then we got a real winner.