Shrooms DVD Specs, Art

Shrooms DVD art and specs!Though I’m still waiting for word from the masses as to whether or not Shrooms is worth checking out, the premise has me in for at least a curiosity viewing.

You see, Shrooms is the story of a group of American kids who head out to Ireland and end up getting some really good mushrooms that give them the usual freaky hallucinations, but are then followed by a permanent case of death at the hands of ghostly spectors which may or may not be real.

Magnolia’s genre-specific arm, Magnet, is releasing Shrooms for a limited theatrical run on Friday, February 1st, but we’ve dug up the DVD specs art for its March 25th DVD date; it’ll come with deleted scenes, outtakes and commentary likely by director Paddy Breathnatch.

Check out the trailer below and the film’s official site right here, or just click here to pre-order Shrooms through Evilshop!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • The Butcher

    Real ‘shrooms grow IN a pile of shit.
    The movie ‘Shrooms IS a pile shit.
    Coincidence? Me thinks not.
    It should also be AVOIDED like a pile of shit.