Missing Campers in Ohio

The Bible Woods in OhioJust got an e-mail today regarding the disappearance of several people who went missing about a year ago while camping in the middle of the Bible Woods, in Ohio. Never let it be said that we here at Dread Central do not have a heart. At this time we’d like to take this opportunity to bring some awareness and maybe even help to this horrid situation.

If you’re in or around Ohio or have any information at all regarding this case, please call the following number:

  • 419-799-1977
  • Any help would be gravely appreciated.

    Their families need you.

    Uncle Creepy

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    Steve Barton

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    • EricBoyd

      Ha ha, yeah– That’d be pretty good.

      “It turned out that the Blair Witch, Elly Kedward, had a sister. Trying to get revenge for her outcast sibling, Stacey Kedward sets out to sign a series of petitions throughout colonial America to clear her sis, Elly’s, name– until George Washington, just before becoming the first president of the United States, accuses Stacey of cutting down one of his many cherry trees. Being that he can never lie, Washington is immediately believed and Stacey is cast out into the Bible Woods where she is tied to a bible and belittled to death by it.”

      This is getting confusing.

      “funny in a sad way”

    • EricBoyd

      Thanks Block,

      And Creepy, I’m not saying it’s not a good way to promote, but it’s really only something that could work 10 years ago. If they had a TV commerical with this on it today, some asshole mother whose kid got lost in the woods would get freaked out and call to try and save the kids– She finds out it’s fake and then there’s a huge lawsuit where people like us have to say ‘Wow, calm the fuck down’– Then she claims it’s the site’s fault as well, you’re shut down, my 7 or so loyal years of reading become null– And that’d piss me off, so I’d probably trek across the country and kick your ass (By which I mean try to, and then get my own ass kicked.)

      Is that what you fuckin’ want, Creepy?

      “funny in a sad way”

    • EricBoyd

      That’s why being a horror fan sucks. You just can’t believe in anything, ever.

      “Oh man, I’m drowning!”

      “Uh huh, nice try there, ‘JASON’. If you pretend to drown and I go in there, you’ll just pull me down and then wear a potato sack over your head years later… ‘Ain’t no fool.”

      …Suffice to say, I miss John now 🙁

      “funny in a sad way”

    • EricBoyd

      I don’t wanna seem like a dick– But this isn’t some kinda marketing tool, is it? If I called I wouldn’t get a recorded message telling me to ‘read the rest of the terrible tale on ____.com’ which then leads me to a film trailer– Which is all somehow connected to the number 23?

      Is it?!

      “funny in a sad way”

    • Terminal

      Give me a break, people. I love viral marketing, and I think this has potential to be another good dose of one.

    • Uncle Creepy

      Well played.

    • Undeadmin

      If you all think its such a horrible way to get peoples attention and that it fails as a promotion piece, Id like to point out this is the most commented story today 😛

    • EricBoyd

      Oh I’ll definately look into it. In fact I think I met that production company a while ago.
      But what we’re ALL trying to get at here is that George Washington was probably kind of a douche. I mean, wooden teeth? Com’on man.

      “funny in a sad way”a>

    • Uncle Creepy

      *draws line in the sand*

      I’ve seen just about every single type of marketing campaign imaginable. From an industry standpoint, what I think doesn’t matter. It’s the public’s opinion that matters. You guys decide what works and what doesn’t. What’s tasteful and what isn’t. We can only show you what’s given to us.

    • Prof.Ikamono

      It took me all of two minutes to track this down…

      It’s a low-budget film called “Prey to God” put out by somebody called Blood and Guts Productions.

      Here is their MySpace page in case anybody is actually interested:


    • Blockbuster

      Wow…looks like we gots ourselves here a real Metchican showdown…Creepy, you gonna take that??

      But I do have to say that I agree with you to a certain extent Eric…some idiot out there could probably see dollar signs with this promotion…but look at it this way…that’s just THAT much more publicity for this movie/game/whatever…and isn’t that what the producers are looking for anyway? Personally, I smell Blair Witch 3…now THAT’S scary stuff.

    • Uncle Creepy

      Yeah, it’s a pretty weird way to build hype around a movie, but it’s still better than a poster with floating heads, or a black guy complaining about whitey during a zombie apocalypse.

    • Blockbuster

      Eric…that was classic.

      ‘Ain’t no fool, indeed. LMAO

    • ddschneider1972

      well…there is no Bible Woods in Ohio, that I know of…Google revealed nothing but this post and 2 posts on My space, so I called the number…it’s some girl whimpering as someone else says the Our Father followed by the standard voicemail “If you’d like to leave a message…”

      So it’s an attempt at promoting something, but not promoting it well…

    • Johnny Butane

      Well that was… disturbing.