Crazy Horror in Indie Underbelly

First word on indie UnderbellyA quick heads-up to indie filmmakers out there; it’s very hard to catch the interest of this staff with just an e-mail. I wouldn’t say we’re jaded so much as just sick of wasting time on films that turn out to be shite. When we do get an e-mail asking for some support, however, we always makes sure we read the whole thing and check out what there is about the movie, just in case. Correct spelling and punctuation can do wonders, by the way.

So what was it about the e-mail I got from Matt Cade, director of the indie horror flick Underbelly that caught my interest? Damned if I know for sure, but his line in it about Underbelly being ”an original horror film for true horror fans” caught my eye, so I asked him to elaborate as to why…

First word on indie film Underbelly!”The films I love dearly and grew up shuddering under the couch from did not fit into any specific category, they were beasts that did their own thing,” Cade explained, ”They were/are weird, terrifying trips and you are totally at the mercy of the filmmakers as to where they’re going to take you. You couldn’t guess the ending, let alone foresee what would go down in the next five minutes on screen. Most of the current “Masters of Horror” who constantly reference these films don’t come close to taking a chance at upsetting the PG-13 majority by doing something completely new and completely fucking nuts if that’s where their instincts lead them. “Underbelly” is completely fucking nuts, in only that I allowed myself to tell the type of story that I never get to see as a horror fan.”

All right, the guy talks a good game, don’t ya think? So now that you’re curious, as well, some plot; Underbelly is the story of a man whose wife disappears suddenly while picking flowers by a roadside. He goes to a nearby town to try and find her but it’s mostly deserted, the only residents barely acknowledging his existence. Shortly after he arrives, a band of psychotic criminals show up in the same town, also looking for someone, and pretty soon their paths cross in the most disturbing of ways.

You can check out the official Underbelly site, which is full of some interesting imagery like the pics you see above as well as a very strange trailer and the film’s opening scene. Keep it on Dread Central to find out if Underbelly truly is “completely fucking nuts” as a screener is on its way to my front door as we speak!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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