‘Zine Review: HorrorHound #9!

Jan/Feb 2008's HorrorHound(click to see it bigger!)Issue #9
Jan/Feb 2008

Why we don’t have more reviews for HorrorHound magazine is beyond me (“‘Zine Review: Horror Hound #4” – October 2006). The publication has to be one of the best horror genre ones on the market right now. Recently I picked up other competing mags and they just feel a little dated. When it comes to HorrorHound, I feel that there’s something new and fresh … not to mention you aren’t bombarded with more ads than articles.

#9’s cover does give away the the real selling point of the issue, but let’s take a look at all the other articles first. AVP:R, Sweeney Todd, One Missed Call and I Am Legend all get their own separate stories that look back at the production and history with interviews sprinkled in. Looking back now, this makes a perfect bit of evidence to call “bullshit” at cheer leading the Strause brothers did for AVP

What really hooked me in 9 was the pages upon pages of toys and collectibles. Sure, we cover stuff from NECA all the time, but it isn’t that often we’ll run a story on merchandise found outside the U.S. Did you know that, in Italy at least, From Dusk Till Dawn is getting a special DVD release that includes a scale replica of the Titty Twister bar? In Japan you can win Freddy and Jason plush toys via claw machines! Hell, the Japanese are even getting odd little “bump toys” for Freddy VS Jason.

Rounding out the more interesting pieces in this issue include one that touches on the possible existence of Lon Chaney’s classic London After Midnight which was thought to be forever lost. There is also a new Horror’s Hallowed Ground that looks at the locations of Return of the Living Dead and even a history lesson about the Blood Countess Elisabeth Bathory.

The real meat of this HorrorHound issue is a look back 20 years of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser. Here we have fifteen pages filled to the brim with posters, merchandise, props, toys and comics all related to Hellraiser. Also placed among these images are in depth articles chronicling how the books evolved into the classic film; how the film became a giant franchise; and one man’s obsession with collection all things Pinhead. Very rarely do I pick up a magazine and read it front to back, but HorrorHound has so much to read and view that it makes it impossible to put down.

No doubt you should now be interested in checking out the new kid on the block, or maybe you’ve been trying to find the mag in stores only to find none. In any case head on over to HorrorHound’s official site to start a subscription and add the publication to your friend’s list on MySpace.


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