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Doomsday crew in CaptownI really can’t wait for Doomsday. Neil Marshall’s track record to date has shown us a director who loves working in our genre and knows how to do it right and even though Doomsday isn’t horror, it is post-apocalyptic and in my book, that’s close enough.

Marshall just put up a huge blog posting on his MySpace page with details about the last year of his life, including a shitload of info about the upcoming sci-fi epic. No word on what Rogue’s plans are for releasing the film yet, but at least now we can get a first-hand account of what it was like to make the movie.

The most important thing I think we all need to read is this part, though, to be sure we’re all clear; ”The mistake, and this seems to be based on contemporary cinema lore, which states that virus = zombies.” he writes, ”With the likes of everything from 28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead, Resident Evil, and most recently in I Am Legend, it seems that any film dealing with a virus automatically has to have some variation of the living dead running around devouring people. Well, our virus is back to basics. The real deal. It kills people. Pure and simple. As lethal and effective as a virus really is. Okay, so it rots you from the outside in, covering the victim with weeping soars and dripping pustules and liquefies the internal organs, but the end result is….you die. And you don’t come back.”

So, no zombies, no monsters, just a fucked up society ruled by some very strange individuals. Be sure to check out the entire blog for a lot more info, including a ton of pics of him and his lovely new wife, on and off set.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane