Death Will Walk Again

It’s still gonna happen!Everything has been pretty quiet in regards to a horror film titled Death Walks the Streets. I can’t even remember the last story I personally wrote concerning it, but it must have been some time ago (“Exclusive: Death Walks the Streets Concept Art” – July 2006). But something is stirring on the road ahead. pointed us in the direction of the blog belonging to Baby Galigo Studios’ Matthew S. Harrison. Matt and the studio were attached to Death Walks the Streets, but that no longer seems the case after reading his latest journal entry:

“Jimmy and I don’t see eye to eye-haven’t for a long time. So I decided and he decided that making DWTS together wouldn’t be good for the franchise. I don’t believe in it-don’t like horror, or mega violence-and couldn’t keep my brain around making movies that went against my moral standards.”

Bit of an odd thing for someone to say who has been involved in previous horror flicks, innit?

“My company in the meantime is moving forward with our first two high budget films in the new year. Our new office opens in Denver the third week in January and we have a few more behind them. Don’t look for any of them to be horror or supernatural crap-cause we are not going that route. My vision has always been to make movies with social meaning and some redeeming value.”

Despite this break-up DWtS director and writer James Zahn has stated the the film will continue to push on. Rather than sit around, James has opened up a new site, Zahn Entertainment Group, that should keep all interested parties up to date on his many projects. Check it out!


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  • Blockbuster

    Wow. That sucks. But, for the future, actually having someone who IS a horror fan behind the movie, we might actually not get a craptastic movie for a change…not that the premise was in the first place, but sometimes…