Michele Soavi Returns

Michele Soavi!Actor/Director Michele Soavi has spent many years away from the horror genre. Since his last horror pic, Cemetery Man (review), Soavi has been directing various Italian TV shows … but that is about to change.

Being an avid fan of Cemetery Man / Dellamorte Dellamore, I was more than a little ecstatic when Fangoria announced Michele Soavi was coming back to our genre with a picture called Catacombs Club which is scheduled to starting shooting this summer.

According to Fango, Catacombs Club is a “strange tale of a rich Russian married couple building a casino-cum-disco in London’s West End. The wife wants to be a headline singer in the club; only problem is, she’s completely tone-deaf and can’t carry a tune, so her husband hires a singing teacher to help her fulfil her dream ambition. As construction begins on the site, a drunken accident finds the instructor falling into a recently uncovered passageway that leads to a kingdom of strange creatures. They’ve gone undiscovered since their burial during the Roman invasion 2,000 years before, and the teacher is shocked to learn they know nothing of the surface world. He’s even more surprised when he falls in love with She, a female creatures with the most beautiful voice he has ever heard…

More to come soon!


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Kryten Syxx


  1. I hope that Ghost Son(L BAVA) is not a sign of things to come out of Italy next year. I would’ve taken a shot to the pills than watch that again.

  2. “Stagefright” is fun and “Dellamorte Dellamore” is a classic. “The Church” is….interesting, but horribly incoherent and choppy. Here is hoping for something special though. Between this and “Mother of Tears”, it seems Italian horror is making a slight comeback!

  3. ah yes. one of the many so called ‘Demons 3′ films out there.

    i just remember all kinds of strange creatures in a church. been a while since i watched it. should rectify that.

  4. Soavi…

    2008 gets off to an amazing start. Dellamorte Dellamore is incredible, and Stagefright isn’t half bad either.

  5. Ok…that’s definitely strange…but how is that horror? Sounds more like a romance to me…well…except for the tone-deaf wife…that’s kinda scary…

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