Day of the Dead Direct to DVD

Day of the Dead DVD art!Those sickos over at Upcoming Horror Movies have delivered some very good news to those of use dreading the marketing campaign for a new Day of the Dead film; the remake is getting the direct to DVD treatment.

Hell to the yeah.

UHM got a look at the box art you see on your right (better quality is coming soon I’m sure), along with a release date of April 8th. So far the features include a commentary with writer Jeffrey Reddick, director Steve Miner and some cast, an “internet only” trailer (likely the one you see below) and an alternate ending.

If it’s as bad as the early reports have said it is, then good riddance to it. Just please, if you read nothing but negative early reviews, try and refrain from checking it out for yourself just to see; the less money we can put in the pockets of the hack masters at Taurus Entertainment (who last brought us Creepshow 3, you may recall), the better.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane