‘Zine Review: Rue Morgue #61

Rue Morgue #61 (click to see it bigger!)Issue #61
October 2006

Halloween is upon us again (oh, hell yes!) and with it comes another massive issue of the best horror mag out there, Rue Morgue, and this year I think they’ve really outdone themselves.

First, let’s talk about the cover; when I first saw it, I was positive it was just the same ole art for Lucio Fulci’s Zombie that we’ve seen hundreds of times. In fact it’s another fantastic piece of reproduction from RM artist Gary Pullin, the same guy who designed our giallo-themed logo. The man is getting close to God status.

Inside the issue there’s a huge focus on the master himself, Lucio Fulci, featuring a revealing interview with his daughter and the guardian of his estate, Antonella Fulci, a retrospective on Fulci’s horror legacy, a breakdown of the four goriest of Fulci’s setpieces, and an interview with frequent scorer Fabio Frizzi. It’s truly an exhaustive focus on one of the most prolific horror filmmakers of our time, a man who passed away far too young. If you’re already a Fulci fan, there’s a good chance you’ll discover something new, and if you’ve only seen Zombie or The Beyond, this issue will make you want to learn even more about the man.

Their second major feature in this issue is an article put together by various RM staffers focusing on 50 alternative horror books, and it is fantastic. You’re not going to find any King or Koontz, hell you won’t even find a Lebbon, but hopefully you’ll read about some books that you’ll seek out yourself. Personally I had read a whopping two on the list, and the rest were books I had either never heard of or new next to nothing about. The Rue Crew are definitely some fantastically literate horror fans!

Other highlights in this massive Halloween issue are a rundown of this summer’s Fantasia Film Festival (read our coverage here), an interview with Calvaire director Fabrice Du Welz, a history of the Ouija board, and a chat with R. Lee Ermy about his return to the role of Sheriff Hoyt in the TCM prequel (review). You’ll notice that last piece is the only thing even close to “mainstream” for this issue, and it’s literally one of the last pieces before their reviews section, proving that they’re more concerned with turning fans onto new thing rather than promoting the latest Hollywood gore fest. But that’s why we love ‘em.

But that’s not all worth mentioning this time; a two-pager focus on author Ramsey Campbell in their fiction section is a great way of exposing a little-read but highly-respected horror master to readers who may have only heard his name in passing, Gary Butler’s “Blood in Four Colours” focuses on Halloween comics new and old, and the “Travelogue of Terror” take a step-by-grueling-step through the largest haunted house in America. And it’s in Michigan, of all places!

If you’ve been holding off on RM for whatever reason, this issue is a great place to start your love affair with them and if you’re already a fan; well, you probably have this issue already. Visit their official site for more!

Johnny Butane

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