Zombie Brings Back SS Werewolf Women?

A full length Werewolf Women of the SS coming?It’s a little thing, really, but could become something more as these things always do. This morning Rob Zombie posted a question to his MySpace friends; ”How many of you would like to see a full length movie of Werewolf Women of the SS?”

Of course the overwhelming response is “Hey Yeah!”, but it does get the question; what the fuck? Is it something Zombie is thinking of directing next, despite his insistence that he didn’t want to do horror anymore? Something tells me this’d be more of a producing gig for him, actually.

I will say this; posing the question to MySpace people is a good way of proving to “suits” that the interest is there, if such a thing needs to be proven. But damnit, until there’s something officially announced we’ll just leave this one up to conjecture.

In case you were one of the thousands who didn’t see Grindhouse in theaters, check out the Werewolf Women of the SS trailer below!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane