Jennifer’s Body Examined

Diablo Cody is born!I have to admit, I’m intrigued by the idea behind Jennifer’s Body, the latest film to be scooped up by Fox Atomic for production (“More Jennifer’s Body Info!” – November 2007). Though to date we’ve only heard superficial info about it, a script review just showed up on Slashfilm that may just move this one to the “must see” category.

Said script was penned by Diablo Cody (pictured being born) who’s last produced movie, Juno, has been turning heads and getting people talking for the past few months. Jennifer’s Body, while having some similar traits as Juno, definitely sounds like a balls-out horror movie first and foremost; check out this line from the review that made me smile;

”One passage from Cody’s script describes a scene where blood and viscera is scattered everywhere, with Intestines strewn about “like party streamers.” One victim is described as looking like “Lasagna with teeth”. There are a couple scenes where a Jennifer graphically tears apart unknowing High School boys. Some of the descriptions gave me an uncomfortable feeling deep in the pit of my stomach. The gore described on these pages is Hard-R.”

Yes, thank you! Though the reviewer does take some issues with the script, overall it’s a very positive review, and the fact that this won’t be like other genre movies to date is pointed out many times. Check out the whole review right here and keep it on Dread Central for more Jennifer’s Body updates!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Messiahman

    Ugh. After suffering through the interminably wanna-be-hipster tripe known as JUNO, the idea of blogger turned scripter Diablo Cody writing a horror film filled with the same contrived dialogue and endless pop culture references doesn’t exactly fire my engines. Thanks but no thanks.