Exclusive: Waxwork: The Musical?

Will they sing?!It took me well over a month to track down Waxwork/Full Eclipse director Anthony Hickox, which I have to say when I set out to find him to discuss his latest horror movie, Knife Edge, I hadn’t anticipated being such a difficult task.

When I finally got the chance to speak with him last week, however, I discovered why he’s been out of the limelight for so long; he hadn’t done anything he was really proud of in a while. Now he has, though, so he’s ready to get out there and talk about it.

During our interview, the entirety of which you can read right here, Hickox revealed a somewhat bizarre development that’s happened with the movie he’s probably best known for, the 1988 horror/comedy Waxwork; ”Michael White, one of the guys who did the Rocky Horror Picture Show, is talking about doing a Waxwork musical,” he revealed, ”I’m actually meeting with them this week!”

The funny thing is, I could really see that working. There’s just enough oddball humor and bizarre set pieces in Waxwork to make a musical version of it seem almost a no-brainer. And trust me, it’s better than some of the other plans for the film…

He mentioned that he’s been approached to remake the 1988 original with the set pieces featuring Saw and Hostel– like scenes (he’s turned that one down, thank the Gods) and that once every few years someone talks to him about making a third movie, but nothing’s come to pass yet.

Check out the entire Anthony Hickox interview here to learn more!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • deadfiller

    There’s a low budget flick called Silver Scream that already fits this bill.


  • PelusaMG

    You know I was thinking about the impact Repo is going to have when it gets released… I mean, I think this is going to do well such that it is going to be the start of a new (limited) take on the horror genre.

    Hey, maybe we will even start to see films being remade as musicals???

    Nightmare on Elm Street: The musical
    Hellraiser: The hedonist’s opera
    Child’s Play: The muppet musical…

    Imagine if Zombie had done this for Halloween 07!!!


  • Terminal

    I’ll say to this like I’ve said to Legally Blonde, Young Frankenstein and the Producers. If I want to see the movie I’ll rent it.