Gate Remade in 3-D?

The Gate faces a 3-D remake!Oh, man, who wants a remake of The Gate? How could they possibly top the original for pure 80’s fun? Nevertheless it seems like it’s happening, or so say sources at JoBlo this morning.

The 1987 original, helmed by now-Sci Fi Channel staple Tibor Takacs, told of some kids who accidentally open a portal to hell in their back yard through a combination of explosives, a dead animal and heavy metal music. The kids, who were about my age when I saw it and thus connected immediately with it, are forced to fight the demons before they can take over the world.

The only potentially good news is that it will be helmed by original animator and Oscar-winning FX man Randall William Cook; the potentially bad news is that it’ll be in 3-D. Why doesn’t that excite me? I read that and I think I should be excited by the idea, but I just can’t drum it up.

Maybe because The Gate was such a huge part of my formative years as a horror fan and I don’t want to see it fucked with; I don’t know. Nothing official’s been said yet so for now we can take it as rumor, but JoBlo’s never let me down before so I don’t know why they’d start now. More details as we get ‘em!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • r.j. sayer

    although i don’t think this will actually happen, the upside (if it does) is that we’ll probably FINALLY see a decent DVD release of the original.

    and if that’s the case, i say bring it on.

    a substandard remake is a small price to pay to finally see this film in a decent transfer with (i hope i hope) some special features (at least a commentary, an effects doc, and a trailer… please).

  • Terminal

    Yaaaawwn! They can’t top the original. I love it.