DVD Releases: Horror Next Door

Check out your list of DVDs both good and bad come Tuesday, December 2nd, 2007…
Click to see the cover larger!Caregiver (2007)
Directed by Dennis Divine

A beautiful young nurse takes a job at a local halfway house for troubled teens, coming off as one of the sweetest girls in the world. However, it becomes clear quickly that her own past is far worse than any of the kids under her care, and pretty soon the happy veneer cracks and the truly insane bitch comes to the surface. Kinda like what happens when you get married, but with better drugs. Buy it here!

Click to see the cover larger!The Devil of Blue Mountain (2007)
Directed by Joshua P. Warren

Well, the film has one thing going for it; its shoot began during Hurricane Ivan. That’s about it though, as the rest sounds pretty standard. A nefarious character abducts two girls and drags them off into the woods to do his dark and nasty stuff to them where no one will notice. That’s about all I could find about it which means it’s not really the sort of thing most fans are looking for these days if that’s the case… Buy it here!

Click to see the cover larger!Disintegration (2007)
Directed by Roger McLeod

Imagine going crazy because of your blood. That’s what’s happening to Charles Wilcox III; his father never told him that he was actually a nephalim, the child of an angel and a human, so he wasn’t able to also tell him that certain information had to be given to him by others like him or he will loose it. Soon he’s cutting a swath of death and destruction unlike anything his friends have seen before. Buy it here!

Click to see the cover larger!The Girl Next Door (2007)
Directed by Gregory Wilson

Adapting a Jack Ketchum novel is never an easy thing; the author has such a way with his words that capturing the feel of his books on screen is no easy task. The Lost did it admirably well, and now we have The Girl Next Door, probably one of the most controversial of Ketchum’s, or any other author’s, writing. How did it do? According to our Girl Next Door DVD review, not too bad, but you can find out for yourself this week! Buy it here!

Click to see the cover larger!Killer Snakes: Special Edition (1974)
Directed by Kuei Chi Hung

Now see, this is the kind of movie they just don’t care to make anymore, and that’s just a shame. Killer Snakes deals with a lonely and beaten down man is picked on every day by all those around him. Living near a reptile sanctuary, he finds a wounded snake one night and discovers he has a psychic bond with the cold-blooded creatures. So of course, he decides to use his slithering new friends to enact his vengeance! Buy it here!

Click to see the cover larger!The Last Man on Earth (1964)
Directed by Ubaldo Ragona

Wow, look at MGM ripping off Warner Bros’ marketing for I Am Legend, using the over-sized font and all that, to try and confuse the buying public. Shameless, especially when this is such a classy adaptation of Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend story. Vincent Price stars in the title role, a man who by day tries to eek out an existence and by night fights horrible, vampiric creatures. Buy it here!

Click to see the cover larger!Mrs. Amworth (2007)
Directed by Frank Sciurba

Sometimes I really wonder about Brain Damage Films. For years I’ve been bitching about their usage of an incredibly ugly logo on the front of all their covers; finally they’ve gotten rid of it and seem to be using some actual art design to make their flicks look better. But still, information about them is so sparse you wonder if they even realize they’re putting them out at all. The story is about a gorgeous woman who moves into a small town and the body count that starts to rise soon after. Finally found out who directed it! Now we just have to hope it’s worth your time and money. Buy it here!

Click to see the cover larger!Razor’s Ring (2007)
Directed by Morgan Hampton

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A businessman is abducted by some thrill-seekers who deliver him to a family of cannibals, rapists and murderers. Along with two others they’re tortured and humiliated, but one day the head of the family promises them freedom. Shortly after the other two are let go and the businessman gets all the pain for himself. Buy it here!

Click to see the cover larger!Shira: The Vampire Samurai (2005)
Directed by Jeff Centauri

A half-human, half-vampire who can kick ass. Never heard that one before, either. This must be original idea week for horror DVDs or something. Shira, you see, is supposed to help bring a whole new breed of day walking vampires just like herself, all she has to do is pop out a few kids. But a fiendish vampire doesn’t want this and will stop at nothing to kill her, attempting to start his own race of evil vampires to take over the world. Sounds like a blast. Check out The Foywonder’s DVD review of Shira: The Vampire Samurai for more! Buy it here!

Click to see the cover larger!Stiff Odds (2007)
Directed by Caleb Allen

No budget. Al all. But I admit, the trailer for this one looked fun if nothing elese. Stiff Odds deals with the Grim Reaper, who has a booking business in which the dead can bet on who’s kicking it next. When he finds himself in a huge debt he resurrects some zombies for some reason, and some moronic teenagers are caught in the midst of it. When I say no budget, I mean it, so buyer beware! Buy it here!

Click to see the cover larger!Werewolf: The Devil’s Hound (2007)
Directed by Gregory C. Parker

Apparently once called Lycan (as that’s how the IMDB description refers to it), this is the story of a man whose perfect life is shattered when he begins to lust for another girl. Little does he know that she’s a werewolf and wants to make him one, too, so he starts to turn against all those he loves in order to submit to his beastly side. Can I just say; what a horrible, horrible cover. No matter how bad the movie is it can’t be worse than this cover makes it look like it will be. Sigh. Buy it here!

Johnny Butane

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