Exclusive: Broken Director Talks New Projects!

Blood River pics (click to see it full size!The other night I got on the horn with Broken (DVD review) director Adam Mason for our first “formal” interview (which you can hear right here). The name may not strike you as anything special right now but, as I point out in my intro for the interview, he’s got so much stuff coming up, including The Devil’s Chair and Blood River (behind-the-scenes pics from which are featured herein), that pretty soon you won’t be able to stop hearing about him.

Mason’s never been a guy to just sit around and wait for the next project to fall into his lap; he’s full of ideas and has the talent and the means of getting them done in his own time. So I wasn’t surprised when he gave me the low down on two new projects he’s got in the works.

Blood River pics (click to see it full size!The first is currently being called Luna, an apocalyptic nightmare that he described as being along the lines of Day of the Triffids; ”Basically the whole world is flooded and constantly dark after a nuclear war. There are only a few thousand people left on the planet, scavenging around trying to survive. There are things living in the ocean and because of all the radiation everyone has cancer and are all deformed in one way or another,” So far sounds like a pretty fun family film, no?

”The tops of the skyscrapers are the only thing peaking above the ocean, and the film focuses on this one community.” Mason continued, ”Our main character finds something that could change his whole life and because of it gets on the wrong side of the worst possible people you can imagine.”

Blood River pics (click to see it full size!Mason said he wants to have a simple, timeless story set against the backdrop of a very unique apocalypse situation for Luna, which is a working title right now.

From an apocalyptic, water-covered landscape to a isolated forest community, the other project he’s developing has no title yet, but it’s about a writer for a popular magazine who finds about a community in the middle of the wilderness of America, in an area that’s basically untouchable, who have been in existence since the Civil War. ”They basically interbred and over a few hundred years they’ve built a community there, fully functioning,” he explained, ”Over the years tax men, for example, have tried to find it but never came back.

Blood River pics (click to see it full size!“So this writer becomes obsessed with this almost mythical place, ditches his whole life in LA and tries to find it so he can write the story of his career. Of course he gets there and it’s not what he expected at all.” Mason goes on to describe it as Jacob’s Ladder meets Angel Heart (!) by way of The Wicker Man (the original, of course). Badass, indeed.

For more details on Mason’s new flicks, as well as a discussion of Devil’s Chair and Blood River, be sure to download my entire interview with Adam Mason for you MP3 player, and keep you eyeballs here for more on everything this visionary director is working on next!

Johnny Butane

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