Exclusive Update on Werewolf Movie Howl!

New Howl poster/details! (click to see it bigger)A few weeks back you might recall that we gave you the first heads up on a new werewolf film on the horizon called Howl (“Fever Pitch Ready to Howl” – November 2007).

Since that story went up, producer/screenwriter Clint Morris dropped us a line with a newer poster (used at this year’s AFM) and a lot more details on it; even though it’ll be a while before Howl is a reality, it sounds like it’ll be one worth waiting for.

”It’s a homage to the classic werewolf movies,” Morris, who also runs the Aussie movie site Moviehole, told us via e-mail, ”so all the characters, locations and events in the film are nods to past werewolf movies. The title refers to the surname of our lead character, John Howl; a mixed-up cop/werewolf (obsessed with the 80s – — before he was bitten), whose on the trail of a murderer in Hollywood. So It’s basically a satire.”

A satirical werewolf film? As odd as it sounds I don’t think I’ve ever heard of such a thing before; werewolf films as a rule (with An American Werewolf In London the possible exception) are deadly serious. Needless to say this bit of info piqued my interest even more, but the potential cast sealed it.

”Eric Stoltz plays our villain;” he revealed, ”Stephen Tobolowsky plays an in-house director at a Dimension-esque shingle; Kam Heskin is the love interest, Powers Boothe looks to be our coke-snorting studio head, and Muse Watson – my producing partner at Shorris film – plays Johnny Talbot. Hope to get a slew of genre cameos in there too!”

No doubt that’s a damn impressive cast list for a film that’s still at least a few months, if not longer, away from being made. The lead role of John Howl remains uncast, but something tells me we’ll be pretty pleased when they finally pick a name.

”It’s terribly tongue-in-cheek” Morris promises, ”a bit of a piss-take on all the genre efforts of the last few years. There’s a strong narrative, but for the most part, we hope you’ll laugh. Think Scream without Wes Craven, the backing of the Weinsteins or a dorky deputy.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m there! Check out the Howl MySpace page for a bit of what info is out there now, and keep it here for more on the project, as well as the numerous other genre efforts Morris has in the works, right here on Dread Central!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

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  • Chainsaw

    Muse Watson as a character named Talbot? I’ll take eight!