The Gasp Menagerie: Pub Ghost Holds His Ale Well

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The Plymouth Herald

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The Gasp Menagerie: Pub Ghost Holds His Ale WellAn oft-told tale is that of the haunted pub with prankish spirits that topple pints and glasses to the dismay of patron and barkeep alike. Now there’s a spin to the story: a ghost that may pull a prank every now and again but respects the beer too much to spill any in the name of shenanigans.

The Crow’s Nest Inn in Cornwall is an historic pub dating back to the 17th century. As with most pubs of that era, there are tales of multiple ghosts going back quite a few years, including that of a local woman who was murdered in 1844.

Some of the haunted happenings include a clock that always ran 10 minutes fast no matter how many times it was reset and a bell that would ring by itself. New owners Jenny Heard and Martic McConn blew off the tales until a recent night when the seemingly impossible happened – in front of a bar full of witnesses no less.

The Plymouth Herald in the UK reports that witnesses, including the barkeeps, say the pub went deathly chill from out of nowhere. At the same time, a pint of ale (Proper Job brand, in case that factors into the spirit’s tastes) flew off the bar and landed on the floor… without spilling a drop!

The entire pub tried to find a source of the event and was left puzzled. Nobody was near the pint, and all doors and windows were closed tight.

Could this have been a former customer of the pub trying to grab a pint from the great beyond? Latent telekinesis from one of the patrons trying to grab the ale from afar? Let us know what you think!

The Gasp Menagerie: Pub Ghost Holds His Ale Well

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