First Pic, More Info on Town Creek

Click it to see the whole exciting image!It sure ain’t much to see, but Fangoria did manage to get their bloodied fingers on the first official image from Joel (The Number 23) Schumacher’s upcoming Third Reich story, Town Creek. Just take a click on it to see how exciting it really is!

More valuable than the image are the details Fango managed to get about the film, something that’s evaded us for a while now. Town Creek starts in 1936 when the Wollner family take in a visiting scholar who’s working on occult experiments for the Nazis. Never a good career choice, and eventually the Wollners meat their inevitable fate.

Jump forward to now; we meet a man named Evan (Henry Cavill) who is dealing with the disappearance of his brother Victor (Dominic Prucell) while on a recent camping trip near, you guessed it, Town Creek. When all hope is almost lost, the brother shows up and leads his sibling back to his former captors for some good old-fashioned revenge.

Lionsgate will get Town Creek into theaters next year; keep it here for more updates!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane