Peli, Oren (Paranormal Activity)

We’re all suckers for great ghost stories. They come in very different varieties. Some are funny, some action packed, and some … well, some just scare the shit out of you. The subject of the day is one that falls into that last category, Paranormal Activity (review here), and it’s enough to have even the most jaded of horror fans turning their lights on at night.

Recently I sat down with editor Oren Peli to get the scoop on this latest chiller.

You know how it works, so get downloading below! This is an interview you don’t want to miss!

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    • Denver303Alex

      Hi names Alex but first of all I give u a perfect 10 on the movie grate movie; scared the hell out of me last night hahahaha….but I was really and I mean REALLY REALLY DISAPPOINTED when I was trying to find out facts new reports or anything about the Katie and Micah and I couldn’t find anything about them at all.. Then I came across an interview that you had. One of the responses to the questions” how did you make everything look so real?” and in my mind I was like WHAT!!!! And you said something about it is very easy with the CGI. And another Thing you said “I wasn’t even going to bother shooting the movie unless I found actors” So I was like DAMNNN he had me going believing that this actually happened because it looked like it was documented like it was just Katie and Micah doing the whole thing you know. Finally at the end of the movie that made me believe it was true was that it said like 3 or 4 days later they found Micah body and they don’t know what happened with Katie at all sooo that going me all going and excited well scary excited not for the death but for all the things that happened demonically so that’s what disappointed me that the whole movie was fake. But otherwise I give respect and props for doing a good well done horror movie and for Katie and Micah good acting.

      Hope I hear from you… Oren