Wii Owners are Alone in the Dark, Too

New Alone in the Dark comes to Wii!The ever-evasive and hard to pin down Alone in the Dark 5 from Atari pops up yet again with another smattering of potentially good news. The latest in the granddaddy of all survival horror series is now not only heading to the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, but IGN confirmed today that it will make it’s way to the PS2 and the Nintendo Wii.

We still don¢t know when to expect any of these versions, but we do know the PS2 and Wii versions are being handled by Hydravision, no stranger to the survivor horror genre themselves having been behind the solid Obscure survival horror series.

How a game as ambitious as Alone in the Dark 5 is going to be retrofitted down onto the weaker PS2 and Wii hardware is a mystery, but judging from the screenshots IGN have just put up of the Wii version, it isn’t even going to compare visually to other Wii and PS2 survival horror titles, let alone the more graphically impressive 360, PS3 and PC versions. Hopefully Hydravision haven’t finished working on the visuals just yet.

According to the article on IGN, Hydravision have designed both versions from the ground up for the systems and the Wii version will sport unique motion sensitive controls, hopefully as well as we saw in Resident Evil 4.

Here’s hoping Hydravision can pull it off, so that come the (as yet still unconfirmed) release next year, Wii and PS2 owners won’t be disappointed.


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