Gens Prepping Cannibal Movie

Xavier Gens prepping cannibal movieWhen I did my recent e-mail interview with Xavier Gens, director of Frontiere(s) and the upcoming Hitman adaptation, he told me his next movie would be about a shipwreck on an island full of cannibals, and needless to say I was intrigued.

Looks like it will be coming sooner than even I expected, as Moviehole got word today that Gens is prepping the film, called Vanikoro (the name of the island they crash on) as you read this, “Production is about to start – designers are at work, casting is about to begin” an inside source told the Aussie site.

Though we don’t know anything more about the plot than the shipwreck and the cannibals, what else do you really need to be interested? The fact that Frontiere(s) was pulled from Horrorfest because they couldn’t get it down to an “R” rating in time? Or that Hitman looks badass, despite the rumors that Gens was pulled off it? Man you guys are needy! It’s about an island full of cannibals for God’s sake!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane