Hatching a Spider Baby Remake

Sid and Jeff Broadstreet!Indy flick producer extraordinaire Tony DiDio began treading on some familiar ground when he put four new films on his slate. He has his sights set on a follow-up to Toolbox Murders and a remake of a gem that recently got the DVD treatment it deserved: Spider Baby (review)!

Jeff Broadstreet, director of Night of the Living Dead 3D (review), has been tapped to helm the project, and the filmmakers are even in talks with Sid Haig about taking over Lon Chaney, Jr.’s role of Bruno. Now, before some people jump the gun and run this down as just another cog in the Hollywood remake machine, it is important to note that the original’s director is also involved. “Jack Hill has given the project his blessing and is on board as Executive Producer,” explained Tony DiDio. “We’re expanding on the main themes present in the original and of course, we’ll also have those moments of outrageous humor that fans of Jack’s original film like so much. This is going to be a creepy, darkly funny and scary film.

The other films DiDio looks to produce include the above mentioned Toolbox Murders 2, Shriek with director Andrew Chiaramonte, and the Stephen Goldmann helmed The Mountain. It will be interesting to see what these filmmakers are able to do, especially since each film will have a budge of $3-$5 million. We’ll bring you more as it happens!


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  • Spirot

    Sid Haig is NOT in talks to do this remake. Never was. Broadstreet is simply using his name to garner press…..again.

  • The Butcher

    Please NO.

    I understand the reality of being a filmmaker for living, but jeez couldn’t Jack and Sid jump into bed with someone just a wee bit more talented? This Broadstreet guy makes Uwe Boll look like John fucking Carpenter.

  • Terminal

    Jeff Broadstreet? No thanks.

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