Are You Ready for Saw Blade?

Sawblade?The official plot synopsis for the upcoming low budget (I mean really low budget!) slasher flick Sawblade describes it as being “In the tradition of such movie successes as ‘SAW’ and ‘HOSTEL'”. Having watched the trailer, I must say I’m not seeing the Saw or Hostel comparisons. Now if they’d said “in the tradition of every no budget, shot-on-digital slasher flick ever made”, then, yeah, I’d see the comparison. Or if they hyped the film as answering the question as to what a slasher flick would be like if the killer looked like our own Uncle Creepy after having his face run over by some farm equipment, then, yeah, I’d go for that as well.

“In the tradition of such movie successes as Saw and Hostel comes the rock and roll horror film Saw Blade!

The urban legend surrounding the death of violent and mentally unstable Elliot Benson was created almost 25 years ago when he mysteriously disappeared from sight at the slaughterhouse where he worked as a butcher. Benson, an evil and vicious man was killed by his co-workers, who then cut off his head, burned his body and buried his charred remains below the basement of the building.

Present Day: The dilapidated factory has now been purchased by Malcolm Ashe, a sleazy record promoter, who has converted the old building into a recording studio named Slaughterhouse Records. As a means to create public awareness for the opening of the studio, Malcolm has announced that one lucky local band will be given 24 hours to record their “breakthrough” song and music video which he will then release to the press the next morning when the doors of the studio officially open. The name of that band is SAW BLADE.

Once in the studio, the band quickly starts rehearsing for their music video, unaware that their music is causing the awakening of the charred rotting remains of Elliott Benson. His body emerges from its grave and with his deadly Saw Blade in hand, Benson heads out to kill whomever is in the building.”

Did you get all that, because I really have no interest in going into the plot in any further detail. Saw Blade is the new horror slasher flick from the director of Bloodmask: The Possession of Nicole Lameroux. Speaking as one of the only people on the planet to have actually viewed and reviewed Bloodmask: The Possession of Nicole Lameroux, that’s really not the sort of film one should be using as a qualifier of their directorial work as is done in the trailer’s voiceover. Same guy also made another slasher flick called Curse of Pirate Death which I hear is also quite nigh-unwatchable.

Only extra bit you really need to know about Saw Blade is that somehow they got Reggie Bannister to appear in it. His name gets splashed all over like he’s the star even though it looks like he’s only in the film for a brief cameo.

To be fair though, for all I know Saw Blade could be awesome. It could turn out to be a great ultra low budget splatterfest. From the looks of the trailer I cannot imagine gorehounds not being satisfied. Then again, from the looks of the trailer, I don’t see any reason why anyone should ever bother to watch the movie. That statement isn’t meant as a knock against the film’s quality; it’s because the trailer appears to give away every death scene in the film. Seriously, after the first 25-seconds, the trailer is just a collection of bloody kill scenes. I find it hard to believe there’s anyone left in the movie whose demise we’re not shown.

Check it out Allied Entertainment’s page for the film to find the film’s trailer in both Quicktime and Windows Media; either one pretty much gives away the whole damn movie.

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  • PelusaMG

    Yes, that does look rather bad, but then again it does have scantily clothed laydees running for their lives in it – so – ‘Watchoo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?’

  • Terminal

    There’s a tradition of Saw and Hostel?

    What: Crappy storytelling?


  • Uncle Creepy

    a cut of the profits!!!

    That should end up being about $2.75.

    Fuck, I can’t even go to Starbucks with that.