‘Zine Review: Rue Morgue #73

Rue Morgue #73 review!Issue #73
November 2007

It’s really hard to follow up on something like Rue Morgue’s last issue, their 10th anniversary celebration as well as a focus on all things The Thing. But they don’t get a break for a few more months, so the best thing to do is focus on what could be the next best thing in horror; The Mist

A great interview with director Frank Darabont is the heart of their cover story, of course, in which he discusses his decades-long obsession with making The Mist into a film (it was originally going to be done before Shawshank changed his life), and a one-pager with Thomas Jane wraps it up. Pretty quick when you consider how long people have waited for this movie, but it’s quality, not quantity.

There’s more Kingly goodness to be had with a look at some recent special edition re-releases of some of the most beloved films based on his works and a way too short bit about the upcoming hardcover collection of the Dark Tower comic.

Last Chance Lance then takes you on a trip down memory lane with look back at horror-themed board games from their beginnings to today. To be honest the piece seemed overlong and at times just read as nothing more than a chronological list of games, what they were about, and who put them out. While it is interesting for a bit, I just didn’t get the point in the end.

There’s a great interview with Lloyd Kauffman that follows, though, which more than makes up for it. Anything that can make me interested in seeing a Troma movie again has done its job very well, because I had more or less written them off by this stage in life. However, Kaufman has a genuinely happy outlook on all the shit that’s gone down with his company and the overall word on Poultryegeist is that it might be their best work to date. Not that that’s saying a lot, but…

Among the highlights of the rest of the issue is the first positive review (by the Gore-met) of Mother of Tears that I’ve seen … well, pretty much anywhere. Those of you who follow such things may be aware that RM regular Chris Alexander recently defected and made his way to Fangoria; well, John W. Bowen has stepped into his squishy shoes with a new monthly column, “It Came From Rob’s Basement”, in which he promises to do pretty much the same thing Alexander did with
“Schizoid Cinemaphile”, though with his own flavor. Looking forward to seeing how he does!

Overall a good issue, but one that felt a bit rushed, which I’m sure it was considering the massivness of their 10th anniversary issue. Though you shouldn’t skip this one, I bet next month will be bigger and badder

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Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Bone Daddy

    10th anniversary would be hard to top. Fantastic retro on The Thing. Rue is giving the Gray Lady of horror mags, Fangoria, a run for its money.