Happy Halloween from Dread Central!As the song goes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Of course, the song I refer to is about Christmas (ugh), but I’m talking about the only holiday that really matters: HALLOWEEN! Today is the day for ghouls and fiends and demons of all kind to walk the earth, and I would just like to personally thank each and every one of them for their constant inspiration throughout the years!

Inspiration don’t count for shit if there ain’t anyone to see its fruits, however, so our biggest thanks have to go you guys. Everyone out there who reads us, tells people about us, frequents the forums or Evilshop, anyone who gives us any sort of support at all; THANK YOU from all of us here at Dread Central!

As you’ve noticed, we’ve been going through some changes on the layout that have taken a lot longer to implement than we had originally hoped, but finally the end is in sight, and we should be back to 100% capacity very soon. Thanks for sticking with us through this; we promise to reward your efforts with the constant updates, reviews, interviews, new podcasts and a lot more that you have come to expect from us! That’s just how we roll.

So again, thanks to all of you out there who make us in here feel like what we do actually matters! Have a great Halloween, check all your candies for razor blades (extra iron!), and most of all be safe this year!

The Dread Central staff

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Johnny Butane

  • Kryten Syxx

    Not a single kid came to the house. Me thinks the Halloween spirit is dying.

  • Bone Daddy

    Halloween is the new Christmas.