EVILSHOP Open for Business!

Dread Central store is live!Take a trip with me, will you?

Way, way back in the day, going on 10 years now, I had the idea for a little slice of eCommerce called Evilshop. The intention was to buy and sell products through the shop the same way places like Amazon and Deep Discount DVD do. Problem was, I needed stock and had zero experience acquiring any.

So I set up affiliate programs instead, and for a very long time Evilshop was a collection of links to other places that had cool horror stuff for sale. Eventually even that faded away, way too much upkeep for my limited schedule; then it just became links in stories to other places.

Fast forward to now; we were approached by the folks behind FearWerx who, as you may know, have been responsible for Fangoria.com’s Gore Store for years now and were looking to expand. You’ve likely seen ‘em at any number of horror conventions selling their very cool wares like Miskatonic University T-Shirts, Home Exorcism Kits and more. They had the know-how, we had the desire and the contacts; it was a perfect match!

So now, here we are, October 25th, 2007 and I can proudly say that Evilshop is, finally, what I always wanted it to be! Of course, some tweaks will be done to the store in the coming weeks as soon as the tweaks needed here on DC are in the bag, and we plan on expanding the inventory exponentially between now and the end of the year as well, but it sure is nice to have something to show you guys!

Click here to check out EVILSHOP and be sure to head over to our forums to drop any suggestions, thoughts, comments, etc., into our laps! Happy spending!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane

  • Bone Daddy

    Just checked me mailbox and there was mah Zombie Island cocktail Lounge work shirt!

    Jus’ in time for Halloween!


  • Bone Daddy

    Cool. Placed an order for the Zombie Island Cocktail Lounge Work shirt.

    Yeah, got $ to burn…..