Pics, Details on Wilkins’ Splinter

** Editor’s Note: Pics were removed by request of the filmmakers**

While Toby Wilkins preps to get behind the camera to direct the incredibly unwelcome sequel, The Grudge 3, the folks over at Upcoming Horror Movies managed to find out more about his feature debut, Splinter, which we’ve not heard of in months (“Wilkins Gets a Splinter” – May 2007).

The film is about a gas station attendant at a very remote refueling hole who comes face to face with a creature that has the kickass power of being able to inhabit the bodies of whomever it sees fit, making them do its bidding and driving them to bloodlust. In addition to a ton of behind-the-scenes pics, UHM discovered a very spoiler-filled synopsis for Splinter exists on Content Films’ site,, so get reading if you’re into such things.

If you’re not, just click here to check out the aforementioned pics, which are, admittedly, really damn cool as you can see to your right. More release info on Splinter will be available soon so stay tuned!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane