Wizard of Gore Goes Extreme

Wizard of Gore remake nabbed by Dimension ExtremeFangoria are bringers of the good news that Dimension Exteme, who to date have release Black Sheep and Buried Alive here in the states, have picked up the home video rights for Jeremey Kasten’s Wizard of Gore remake (review).

Crispin Glover stars in the redux as Montag the Magician, who makes his living making people believe he’s viciously killing beautiful women on stage. When those women actually start turning up dead with the same injuries they received on stage, a local detective begins to look into Montag’s true motivations.

Dimension also has their hands on Inside, the French slasher that everyone’s freaking out about, Greg McLean’s killer croc movie Rogue, Jamie Blanks’ Storm Warning, Larry Bishop’s Hellride and a helluva lot more. Needless to says now’s a good time to make friends with Dimension since they’ll be holding a hold of our most-anticipated horror in the coming months/years.

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane