New Daybreakers Info, Pics Surface!

New Daybreakers pic (click to see it bigger)It’s just a vampire kind of world out there today, you know? First 30 Days of Night comes out of the gate screaming to a number one box office spot, now all of a sudden there’s a wealth of new info about The Spierig Brother’s latest, Daybreakers.

As you should know, Daybreakers takes place in a future in which vampires are a rule of the day, easily outnumbering the slowly dwindling supply of humans. Ethan Hawke plays a scientist looking for a blood replacement before vampires starve, which turns them into bats and makes them crazy, and/or humankind is wiped out.

In a chat with AICN, the Brothers reveal that the look of the vampires we’ve seen to date is actually the bloodsuckers at their healthiest. The pic you see here, of Australian actor Sam Neil, for example, is how a well-fed vamp looks. The brothers attest they will look much worse when they’re out of blood.

Check out the AICN interview for more info and pics, then be sure to eyeball the new interview and pics Fearnet got their hands on, as well. I have to say the project is looking cooler and cooler all the time, I just hope Lionsgate does right by it!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane