Exclusive: Mulberry St. Team Does Lansdale!

Cold in July next for Mulberry St. team!Just got off the phone with Jim Mickle and Nick Damaci, director and writer/star (respectively) of Mulberry Street (review), which as you know is coming to theaters this November as part of the second annual After Dark Horrorfest.

The full audio interview will be up soon, but I did want to share a cool bit of news they gave me towards the end of the call; “We’re doing an adaptation of Joe Lansdale’s Cold in July,” Mickle told me, “Nick just sent me a draft this morning, actually. It’s not really a horror thing, it’s more of a Western/thriller noir piece.”

“I love the project, the novel is great,”” Nick continued, “It’s set in 1989 which should be a really fun era to work in; I was a young man then! It should be very interesting to see how it turns out.”

For those not familiar with it, Cold in July is a suspense novel about a small businessman who killed another man in self defense. Now the dead man’s father, a murderous ex-con, wants to take an eye for an eye, but before long the two are forced to work with one another to fight their way through a living nightmare.

I questioned how the pair became attached to it, since it’s so different from Mulberry Street, and they said it was basically the first thing that stuck out from the other projects they were looking at for that very reason; it was nothing like Mulberry Street. Beladonna, the same folks behind Mulberry Street, are behind it, but that’s about all the details they were able to divulge as of now.

Check out the full interview, complete with my endless sniffling (I’m sick, you see), very soon!

Johnny Butane

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