Parliament Hostile to Roth

Eli Roth -- Public Enemy #1 (click for larger image)There’s no doubt the horror genre has always been mired in controversy. From long battles with politicians who insist these films incite violent behavior to the many slugfests with the MPAA. Still, nothing recently has gotten my attention more than this.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Conservative MP Charles Walker of the British Parliament, or as I lovingly like to refer to him — the proud winner of the 2007 What-the-Fuck-is-Wrong-with-You? Award!

Recently when Mr. Walker decided to discuss the possession of extreme pornography in Parliament, he used Hostel Part II (review here) as an example.

I, too, am concerned about what comes over the Internet,” he explained. “There is some horrible, nasty and unpleasant stuff. Clauses 64 to 67 are not as good as they could be — there is potential for contradiction; for example, in the case of a film called Hostel: Part II, which I have not seen but that has been reported on by a number of people I trust. From beginning to end, it depicts obscene, misogynistic acts of brutality against women — an hour and a half of brutality — yet that film has been passed by the British Board of Film Classification for public release to people aged 18 and over.

I understand that, although the Bill will not make that film illegal, it could make it illegal for someone to take stills from that film, because they could be deemed to have a purely pornographic nature. If it were deemed that stills from a film such as Hostel: Part II were of a pornographic and unacceptably violent nature, it seems madness that that film should be allowed on general release.

Imagine that if you will. This jackass didn’t even see the movie yet he claims it to be porn! I guess that’s fair as I have never seen Mr. Walker, but I’m pretty sure he’s an arrogant insecure little douche-bag that doesn’t possess the mental ability that God gave a child to separate fact from fiction. This fucker better stay away from Looney Tunes, or the next thing you know, he’ll think a rabbit is going to drop a piano on his head via giant teeter-totter. reached Roth for comments, and Eli had a lot to say:

I’d like to thank Charles Walker for what could arguably be the single greatest public endorsement this film ever received. He might as well wear a t-shirt saying ‘Buy Hostel 2 on DVD October 23rd’ while addressing the members of Parliament. It’s incredible that in this day and age a Member of Parliament would propose making it illegal for people to take stills from a movie because ‘people he trusts’ told him it was obscene. Why bother to see the film if you have people you trust to form your opinions for you? What other laws are ‘people he trusts’ recommending he propose? I hope Charles Walker never sees the film, because then he might see that the film’s actually quite anti-violence and would then retract his statement. That would be the worst disaster of all.

I hate to disappoint Mr. Walker, but there’s no actual blood or violence in Hostel: Part II. Someone should explain to him that movies are pretend, that no one’s actually really hurt, and that any stills from the movie are pictures of people in food coloring and latex.

Facism: it never goes out of fashion! What an absurd fucking world we live in.


Uncle Creepy

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  • plagiarize

    and that charles walker isn’t using Hostel 2 as an example of a film that shouldn’t be released, but an example of problems with the proposed obscenity laws (in the same way people pointed out that Super Mario would qualify as a violent game under some of the loose definitions in certain failed american laws, i’m still saddened to see him obviously attacking the content of a film he admits he hasn’t seen.

    with things like this, and the Manhunt 2 debacle, it really feels like Britain is sliding back into the darker days of censorship… something I thought it was long past.

  • Bone Daddy

    And they say America is the land of Conservatism….

  • Terminal

    When I say Douche bags I don’t mean you UC, just in case. I was calling that guy who made the statement a douche bag.

  • Terminal

    Goddamn it. Douche bags keep making this douche bag famous.