New Collingswood Story Coming; Paranormal Activity 4 Legal Matter Settled

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New Collingswood Story Coming; Paranormal Activity 4 Legal Matter SettledA while back we told you about a lawsuit concerning The Collingswood Story and Paranormal Activity 4. Today we reached out to director Mike Costanza for an update on that situation, but we got a whole lot more. Read on for details.

In terms of the lawsuit Costanza tells us, “This was a matter that was very important to me and I am pleased that the matter has been resolved amicably.” That’s very cool to hear, but what he dropped on us next was EXTREMELY juicy…

“The fact remains that Collingswood was put on the map by the online horror community,” says Costanza. “That’s pretty damn cool considering the film had zero distribution at the time. Collingswood then screened at festivals like FrightFest in London, Fearless Tales in San Francisco, and won awards such as Best Indie Film and Best Cast. Then the late, great Mo Claridge of Anchor Bay UK picked up the film and released a Region 2 DVD (which was an amazing transfer of the film by the way). The cast of Collingswood and I were also honored to have an online screening of Collingswood on Dread Central as part of Indie Horror Month. So for a micro budgeter without worldwide distribution and made some ten-plus years ago, Collingswood seems to hold its own while creeping out a whole a new set of eyes today.”

Costanza continues, “As for a potential wider release, I’m preparing an HD version of the film. The original tapes were finally located at the bottom of some boxes I had piled up in storage. Finding the original tapes after so many years seemed like discovering actual ‘found footage.’ I kept hearing the Grindhouse trailer:”

“In a sketchy desert town miles from the city of Angels…
The damned.
Hidden inside of an old storage facility…
The grotesque.
The Tapes of C-wood!!”

The HD version will contain never-before-seen footage as well as lots of behind-the-scenes stuff. When asked if I would ever consider making a sequel? Most definitely. There’s plenty of ominous territory to explore not only with the surviving characters and their battle with the darkside but the entire myth surrounding the disturbing ritual murders. But first things first. I’m on a deadline to finish a horror-themed television pilot. Special thanks goes out to Dread Central and to the lovers of all things horror!”

Really, what is it gonna take to get this movie out there already?

The Collingswood Story

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.


    • It’s a shame really, especially since the film was so ahead of its time. Unfortunately, even if/when it finally does get distro, I’m sure there will be people who say it’s just a copycat when in actuality it came before just about every found footage flick out there except Blair Witch.

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