Schmidt on Masters, Killers

Ever on the path for new Masters of Horror info, Fango got to chat up Wrong Turn helmer Rob Schmidt about his entry for Season Two, “Right to Die,” which he describes as a modern ghost story about the right to die issue. Schmidt called it a horror Citizen Ruth with both sides publicly debating what should be a private and personal choice; “In our case, the creepy people are brutally killed by a vindictive, horribly burned ghost,” he told the mag.

He goes on to allay any initial fears that his episode will be tame or, God forbid, bloodless by telling of a particular scene in which a victim has to pull himself out of an MRI machine, truly a nightmare for anyone suffering from claustrophobia.

After “Right to Die” is done, Schmidt is moving on to his next project, Alphabet Killer. Based on a real case from Rochester, NY, the movie will be from the point of view of one of the investigators in the case who suffered a psychotic break trying to catch the killer. Said psychopath was raping and murdering little girls, then dumping them in towns that began with the same first letter as their names. The case remains unsolved to this day.

Check out the official Alphabet Killer site here for more, and be sure to hit the Fango link to read Schmidt’s thoughts on Joe Lynch’s upcoming sequel to Wrong Turn, which we last updated you on right here!

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