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The Norliss Tapes art (click to see it bigger!)The final word on a trio of new releases from Anchor Bay for this Halloween season came down yesterday, and I have to admit it all makes me a bit sad. Remember when AB was synonymous with feature-packed DVD releases? It seems like they may be going for quantity over quality these days.

First up, October 3rd sees the release of Dan Curtis’ (creator of “Dark Shadows” among many, many other shows and movies) 1973 TV shocker The Norliss Tapes, which tells of investigative reporter David Norliss, a man who makes it his duty to debunk supernatural hoaxes and expose those who would take advantage of others. After a frightened phone call to his editor, Norliss disappears, leaving only a stack of cassettes that detail some very horrific vampire happenings for his colleagues to try and figure out what happened to him with. The disc will be bare bones, sadly, but you can still pre-order the DVD here.

Baby Blood on DVD (click to see it full size!)October 10th will bring with it the 1989 comedy/horror Baby Blood, fully restored for the first time in the U.S. Blood is the story of a woman who is impregnated by an alien creature, and the thing growing inside her requires gallons of blood a day in order to keep its unnatural life going, so the mom is forced on a cross-country killing spree to keep her baby alive. The only feature on the disc, aside from it being in widescreen, is a theatrical trailer. Click here to pre-order.

Superstition on DVD (click to see it bigger!)Also out on the 10th will be Superstition, the tale of a witch who was drowned years earlier getting her revenge from the afterlife. A young minister, priest, and cop (sounds like a joke setup) begin to investigate the series of ghastly deaths that occur near the spot where the witch was done away with. The film was previously released here as The Witch, and this DVD version will again only feature a trailer. Get it here.

See what I mean about the features, though? I know some fans have been waiting for years for a good edition of Baby Blood to finally land on DVD; it’s a shame they couldn’t have done more with it. The good thing is that AB’s also known for their double dipping, so who knows what may come down the line…

Johnny Butane

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