‘Zine Review: Rue Morgue#72

Rue Morgue #72 (click to see it bigger!)Issue #72
October 2007

Really, I don’t know how they do it. I don’t know how any magazine does it, for that matter, but especially when Rue Morgue does their annual Halloween/anniversary issue, which is always about twice the size of a normal issue, I just don’t know how they manage to get it all done.

The timing couldn’t be better for Rue’s 10th Anniversary, either, since it also happens to coincide with the 25th Anniversary of John Carpenter’s seminal masterwork of paranoia, The Thing. Their talk with John Carpenter is loose and entertaining, far more so than most interviews I’ve read with the man, and their brief chat with Thing stars Keith David and Kurt Russell are damn fine, too.

But the real meat here is Editor in Chief Jovanka Vukovic’s sit-down with the man who is The Thing, Rob Bottin. The reclusive effects man talks openly about the amount of work that went into creating the creatures that made The Thing The Thing, and even though he comes across as full of himself now and then, he never sounds like an asshole. Just an artist who is very proud of the work he did, and rightly so.

So there’s reason enough to pick up the issue, since Bottin’s not been interviewed in years, but former Publisher Rodrigo Gudino’s article about the history of Rue Morgue is a must-read for anyone that’s a fan of what the mag does and stands for. It’s actually a bit too brief, especially since Rodrigo hints at so much juicy behind-the-scenes stuff towards the end, but it’s a great inspirational piece for anyone who wants to get out there and do something different. Though I don’t recommend starting a magazine; the market’s a bit flooded right now!

A great article/interview piece about Clive Barker’s upcoming return to horror, Mister B. Gone and a smaller piece about the video game Jericho are cool for Clive’s fans (who’s not?), and even if you hate Black Metal, the brief history of the musical subgenre written by Liisa Ladouceur is pretty fascinating.

I wish I had time to list out all the other great articles in there, from the story about General Mills Monster cereals (yum), to the horror podcast article (ours is mentioned, though not very accurately) to the Travelogue of Terror (Day of the Dead, baby), but there’s just no room. There’s too much good stuff in this issue to point it all out right now, so just get the damn thing already!

Johnny Butane

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